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And We're Back!!

To our lovely listeners, hopefully you haven't given up on us!

The first order of business is thus; Tartan and I have been discussing, and we realize it's been a year, and we still have no produced chapter two, we turn to each other periodically in our day to day lives and go "we should really work on chapter two" and then are rushed off to solve problems, do homework, and sometimes goof off with junk food.
However, we are now officially opening auditions.

We want you! We realize we do not have the resources to record all of the characters here in our City. So we entreat you the listener to become the voice. If you're interested in a character (any character, doesn't matter if you think we've cast them.) please please please send a chapter (preferably their first) to readingharry@gmail.com, please entitle it with the character name, and your name (ex. HenrySiriusCH1) for easy tracking purposes. (If you're character's first chapter is Chapter one, if you could please send Chapter one, as well as there next chapter please).

We ask that you please spread the word! Tell you're friends interested in Harry Potter, tell you flists! Tell your RPGs! Tell anyone who may be possibly interested!

The other question we now must ask is this; are you happy with the first chapter we have? Or would you like us to re-record it with new voices? Or would you like us to put out Chapter two and so forth and then go back and change Chapter one?

We hope to hear from you soon!
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