Xandria (locked_up_panda) wrote in readingharry,

All right guys, we know, we promised and didn't deliver. It's true, and I am sad to say this is just one more post thats not an update.

Tartan and I both started our Junior years this year, and as often as people said Junior year is the hardest! Junior year is the most awful! We both said, o don't worry, we love our school, we'll be fine. We were wrong, at seven classes a piece as well as various responsibilities around the school (we go to a student run school). As much as we love reading_harry, we would not like being super seniors, and so we talked and decides it would be best to make reading_harry a vacation project.

So, please expect our next update soon, but not to soon. We are sorry, we did not realize we should listen to our elders and how hard Junior year is.

Now that I'm done making our excuses, I hope you can forgive us and will keep watching.

My other question is this, do you want us to keep updating you on things that aren't updates that are chapters? Or do you just want us to wait and only update with chapters?

With All My Busy Love, Lock.
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