Xandria (locked_up_panda) wrote in readingharry,

Hello! Thing one here.

Due to limited interest in our icon contest, I'm extending it a week,. We only received one icon, which both Tartan and I loved, but we're hoping to not have a default winner due to lack of interest. So I'm here to remind you of the regulations and encourage you to enter!

The icon can be about readingharry, or Stealing Harry, and it would be lovely if it would fit with our color scheme. However it must fit LJ's standards for icons. Please comment with your submissions, limit three per user please, I'll be screening comments, and closing them on Friday the 24th (12 midnight Pacific time). Winner's will be announced on Monday. Please comment entries on the original post http://community.livejournal.com/readingharry/823.html

Sirius gets back from camping this afternoon, meaning we'll record some time in the next couple of days (my guess is Monday). Thing one has just entered the tedious process that is moving, and doing it with a sprained ankle. Updates will come though, that I promise.

Tags: icon, mod, news
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