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Three things for you....

Thing Two here! This is the first time I've posted, which is sort of spiffy. Yes, I am easily entertained.

First of all, we've decided to give you photos (and maybe fanart) of things related to Stealing Harry to tide you over between episodes. So, without further ado, the

And another getting to know the mods thing.

The one behind That Hideous Strength is Jane Eyre, by the way.

Also, anyone who wants to help us record Stealing Harry can record themselves reading the lines of any of the bit characters that is not already crossed off the list in our userinfo. We may or may not use all these recordings, but we'd love to have them. Please email them to readingharry@gmail.com.

And please enter our icontest! We only have on icon so far, so please contribute anything you fancy making.
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