And We're Back!!

To our lovely listeners, hopefully you haven't given up on us!

The first order of business is thus; Tartan and I have been discussing, and we realize it's been a year, and we still have no produced chapter two, we turn to each other periodically in our day to day lives and go "we should really work on chapter two" and then are rushed off to solve problems, do homework, and sometimes goof off with junk food.
However, we are now officially opening auditions.

We want you! We realize we do not have the resources to record all of the characters here in our City. So we entreat you the listener to become the voice. If you're interested in a character (any character, doesn't matter if you think we've cast them.) please please please send a chapter (preferably their first) to, please entitle it with the character name, and your name (ex. HenrySiriusCH1) for easy tracking purposes. (If you're character's first chapter is Chapter one, if you could please send Chapter one, as well as there next chapter please).

We ask that you please spread the word! Tell you're friends interested in Harry Potter, tell you flists! Tell your RPGs! Tell anyone who may be possibly interested!

The other question we now must ask is this; are you happy with the first chapter we have? Or would you like us to re-record it with new voices? Or would you like us to put out Chapter two and so forth and then go back and change Chapter one?

We hope to hear from you soon!

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All right guys, we know, we promised and didn't deliver. It's true, and I am sad to say this is just one more post thats not an update.

Tartan and I both started our Junior years this year, and as often as people said Junior year is the hardest! Junior year is the most awful! We both said, o don't worry, we love our school, we'll be fine. We were wrong, at seven classes a piece as well as various responsibilities around the school (we go to a student run school). As much as we love reading_harry, we would not like being super seniors, and so we talked and decides it would be best to make reading_harry a vacation project.

So, please expect our next update soon, but not to soon. We are sorry, we did not realize we should listen to our elders and how hard Junior year is.

Now that I'm done making our excuses, I hope you can forgive us and will keep watching.

My other question is this, do you want us to keep updating you on things that aren't updates that are chapters? Or do you just want us to wait and only update with chapters?

With All My Busy Love, Lock.

Yet another apology

Dear wonderful and amazing watchers.

I bring you sad and disappointing news, and no good news to go along with.
On a lighter note, Tartan's internet is down, and thus she's not around, though she and I are still working hard to get chapter two worked out.
On a very sad note, we've had to replace Harry. This means in the coming weeks we will record chapter two, and re-record chapter one with out new Harry.
On a bright note, we have our first out of town actor, we welcome to our ranks Tonks. Who's accent pwns all of ours.

So once again I apologize and beg for your forgiveness.


A not update.

Thing one here, posting from home

So we had hoped to have the second chapter out sooner then this, but we hadn't counted on School as much as we should have, both Tartan and I are back in school, and have been for two days, and we have responsibilities there as well. So our hope is to record on Sunday of this week. So keep your eyes peeled on Monday and Tuesday for a chapter.

Lock, nearly deathly ill

A Few Notes

A few notes.

Welcome to all our new watchers (I went and got new bed and came back and there was almost ten new people!) A few notes to all of you.

We don't except members, so if I denied you membership don't worry about it, the people who are members are people who are recording in the chapters.

Thank you all, Chapter One has been downloaded almost 300 times, so thank you so much!

School is starting for both Tartan and I (we go the same school, with everyone else (except Harry)) we're still hoping to get the next chapter out sometime next week, but what with school starting and what not it may be longer then planned. Send any questions or comments to here or

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Icon Winners!

Thing One here! On a neighbors computer, so not for long.

I'm here to give you the winners of our two week long icon contest!

We are pleased and proud to announce that there is (for the first time ever in this community) a tie!!

So congradulations to

For there winning Icons.
The  two icons are.


(sorry to both of you, there both on your bandwidth at the moment, how ever when my computer is fixed (Wednesday at the latest) I'll fix that, go ahead and email if thats a problem and I'll see what I can do.)

All you need to do to claim your prizes is comment this entry with your character of choice.  Congrats again, we love you soso much!

On a side note, Wednesday afternoon is our set time for recording Chapter two (in better quality than Chapter one) and hopefully that'll be posted by the weekend, so keep your ears peeled!

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Ladies and Gentleman, kind and gentle watchers, I bring to you, Stealing Harry Chapter One.



That’s right, we finally did it, how many of you thought we’d never get there? We did, it took lots of work, and it’s not very good, in fact we plan to come back and re-do it. It took us all over twelve hours, though we did stop for dinner, and a midnight snack. Yes we worked in to the night. We began recording at one in the after noon, and sometime around two in the morning Harry put the headphones to my ears hit play and said, this is as good as it gets. And for one microphone and the recording equipment that’s well out of date my dad gave me for a different project, I’d say we did pretty good for our selves.


A huge huge thank you, to Sirius, and Harry, who stayed up and did the work. Mostly Harry, in fact all the editing (and knowledge of the program) is Harry’s and we think him to be amazing amazing amazing. In the end it is now morning and I look around Harry’s living room in amazement, at half empty bowls, more tea then good sense and the fold out couch Sirius and I shared. But it’s morning, and I bring to you.




The First Installment.

Please comment if there are any problems with the download link.




(Pictures, and Bloopers to come later)

And please comment, we do love it so!

let the rain fall

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Thing One here!

Hello all, just giving you an update and an apology. We record on Thursday for sure this time, things have been rather iffy with getting everyone in the same place at the same time.

However, Remus, Sirius, and Harry, we’re all meeting at the Library (the one by my house, and Harry’s house) call me for anything you need.


And just a reminder to all you lovely watchers (who make us so so happy!) The icon contest is still open post your entries and see the rules at this post. Also we’re looking for people who want to have a part in the later chapters, but who aren’t in the Seattle area, so if you’d like you can record a smaller character and send it to , all you have to do is record it to your computer and email it to us, between Tartan and I (and Harry, who’s recording equipment we envy and hope to borrow!) we’ll be able to open it. Don’t worry if the character you want is crossed off, go ahead and send us stuff anyway, who knows, you could be better then our actors!


We love you, really we do, feel free to comment and ask questions or send us emails or anything, we love you guys and you make us squee in joy.



not all there

(no subject)

Hello! Thing one here.

Due to limited interest in our icon contest, I'm extending it a week,. We only received one icon, which both Tartan and I loved, but we're hoping to not have a default winner due to lack of interest. So I'm here to remind you of the regulations and encourage you to enter!

The icon can be about readingharry, or Stealing Harry, and it would be lovely if it would fit with our color scheme. However it must fit LJ's standards for icons. Please comment with your submissions, limit three per user please, I'll be screening comments, and closing them on Friday the 24th (12 midnight Pacific time). Winner's will be announced on Monday. Please comment entries on the original post

Sirius gets back from camping this afternoon, meaning we'll record some time in the next couple of days (my guess is Monday). Thing one has just entered the tedious process that is moving, and doing it with a sprained ankle. Updates will come though, that I promise.

Mr. Melbum

Three things for you....

Thing Two here! This is the first time I've posted, which is sort of spiffy. Yes, I am easily entertained.

First of all, we've decided to give you photos (and maybe fanart) of things related to Stealing Harry to tide you over between episodes. So, without further ado, the
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And another getting to know the mods thing.
Collapse )

Also, anyone who wants to help us record Stealing Harry can record themselves reading the lines of any of the bit characters that is not already crossed off the list in our userinfo. We may or may not use all these recordings, but we'd love to have them. Please email them to

And please enter our icontest! We only have on icon so far, so please contribute anything you fancy making.