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Thing One here!

So here's the deal, tartancravat and I have been working like mad for the last few days, and I know it doesn't look like we've got much done, but we have.

Just because we do so love to keep you informed, we've got everyone we need for the first chapter, and are all set to record it. However, do to the nature of Summer Vacation, one of our possible Harry's is in Japan, the other is at Directing camp, I saw Sirius off camping this morning, and Dudley's off for the weekend to a local gaming convention.

However, everyone's in town and ready to go the 21st! Which is when we'll start recording, in the mean time, keep an eye out, we've got a few things to surprise you with.

As much as we all love Tartan (and we do!) she can't do all the graphics her self, as we originally thought. So we need icons! I'm opening up an official ReadingHarry icon contest. The prize being an in character letter from you're choice of Stealing Harry characters (or as in character as we can get!).
The icon can be about readingharry, or Stealing Harry, and it would be lovely if it would fit with our color scheme. However it must fit LJ's standards for icons. Please comment with your submissions, limit three per user please, I'll be screening comments, and closing them on Friday the 17th (12 midnight Pacific time). Winner's will be announced on Monday.
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