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Ladies and Gentleman, kind and gentle watchers, I bring to you, Stealing Harry Chapter One.



That’s right, we finally did it, how many of you thought we’d never get there? We did, it took lots of work, and it’s not very good, in fact we plan to come back and re-do it. It took us all over twelve hours, though we did stop for dinner, and a midnight snack. Yes we worked in to the night. We began recording at one in the after noon, and sometime around two in the morning Harry put the headphones to my ears hit play and said, this is as good as it gets. And for one microphone and the recording equipment that’s well out of date my dad gave me for a different project, I’d say we did pretty good for our selves.


A huge huge thank you, to Sirius, and Harry, who stayed up and did the work. Mostly Harry, in fact all the editing (and knowledge of the program) is Harry’s and we think him to be amazing amazing amazing. In the end it is now morning and I look around Harry’s living room in amazement, at half empty bowls, more tea then good sense and the fold out couch Sirius and I shared. But it’s morning, and I bring to you.




The First Installment.

Please comment if there are any problems with the download link.




(Pictures, and Bloopers to come later)

And please comment, we do love it so!

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